My First SpectraCell Micronutrient Results

I just received my first SpectraCell Micronutrient lab results. This is the test Timothy Ferris mentions in The 4-Hour Body. The test costs $400, but if you visit a clinic or doctor's office to draw the blood they will probably charge you a consultation fee of close to $200. So skip the doctor and go straight to a draw center like Any Lab Test Now. I'm sharing my results here because I didn't find many others doing so and I'm pretty sure people are searching for real test results to see how they are represented. I plan to take the test again in 6 months.

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tiffany's Gravatar tiffany
May 31, 2013

Hi! Have you noticed any changes after using suggested supplements that you were deficient in? I know it can take time, but just curious and I am deciding to take this test myself.

May 31, 2013

Tiffany, honestly I have not even begun to make adjustments to correct those deficiencies (too much travel =). However, I can say that my reported indexes make sense when I consider my core diet and the daily supplements I've been on for 6+ months. So I at least have confidence in their measurements.

tiffany's Gravatar tiffany
Jun 2, 2013

Ahh ok thank you! Hard to find many reviews about the test.

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Sep 15, 2013

I took the test it caught my problem where GP Internist Neurologist over 16 years could not find. Most American doctors are inadequately trained in nutrition in med school unless you are going into the field. I was deficient in thiamine vitamin B1, Niacin, Biotin, Serine. B1 was the most serious look
up thiamine deficiency. I have brain damage because I did not take this test soon enough.

Sep 17, 2013

Steve, thanks for sharing your experience. Glad you are on the narrow path to good health again, knowledge is power!

Terri's Gravatar Terri
Nov 12, 2013

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for sharing your results. I am interested in hearing if you did finally address the deficiencies your tests showed, and if you have been re tested yet. I have just received my test back. But I am unsure how one can be deficient in a non essential amino acid, which I am, and how to fix it.

Tim's Gravatar Tim
Nov 21, 2013

Where can I go to get this test? I have atrial fib and I overdose on b complexed and it stopped but is now back ! Please help!

Nov 21, 2013

Terri - I have not retaken the test yet as planned. I hope to do that in January. You can be deficient in a non-essential amino acid simply when your body is unable to create them through your own metabolism and food sources. Non-essential doesn't mean you don't require it, but simply that you can create it with the right diet of proteins. There are supplements available for most amino acids, or you can examine your regular diet of proteins.

Tim - You can search for a testing location near you on the SpectraCell website:

Terri's Gravatar Terri
Nov 22, 2013

Thank you Daniel.

Amber Krasny's Gravatar Amber Krasny
Dec 16, 2013

I will be interested in the results as I just had this test... I do feel I am deficient in many areas and the traditional blood tests they do, are inadequate... just Google them and read the scholarly articles... Vitamin D tests proved to be wrong, Vitamin B12 serum, wrong... it blows my mind but thank you for sharing!

Feb 16, 2014

find a Functional Medicine Doc and he/she will set you straight. Good luck

Winston's Gravatar Winston
Mar 18, 2014

Doctor wants the Spectracell panel done. COST $2700, but said I need pay $225 deductible, despite my BCBS plan does not require a deductible..
Is there something wrong with this high-respected doc and this picture, or WHAT.

jan's Gravatar jan
Apr 7, 2014

These are specialized tests which often are not covered by insurance.
Insurance is too far behind the times to understand how important this predictive testing is so they often don't cover the cost.
The $225 is most likely the cost to cover the test (not your insurance deductible)...which is a base fee which does not cover all costs but works with your insurance to cover with no other cost to you. This is what I paid also and the testing was worth it as I now can take my health into my control and not wait to be told how bad things are after it has shown as damage to my health.

dan's Gravatar dan
Apr 18, 2014

Just had my annual fiscal check up done and my doctor told me about this test and said my insurance Medicare would cove part of the cost . My end would be $88.00 so i an scheduled to take the blood test 5/20/14 .I am curious because i eat mostly organic food, fish 2 x week and steam most vegetables daily.Don't smoke and walk every day at least 1 mile go to the gym once or twice week for weight lifting. And practice a peaceful life style .

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Jun 1, 2014

With a reading of 12% on vitamin B12 are you taking b12 injection? This low reading could be serious.

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Jun 3, 2014

Here is a article on vitamin B12 deficiency.

Jun 3, 2014

Steve, thanks for your attention to detail. I am taking B12 supplements however I don't quite "believe in" vitamin injections. In my opinion they are popular mostly because they create an illusion of effectiveness, when in reality simple changes in diet backed by supplements is more than sufficient.

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Jun 6, 2014

I read methyl B12 is better to take because it is already in active form.

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Jun 14, 2014

More info on B12 deficiency.

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Jun 26, 2014

Another reason you may be deficient in vitamin B12 is intrinsic factor. Here
is a article on intrinsic factor.

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Jul 9, 2014

Hi Everyone,
If you want to take the Spectracell micronutrient test here is the procedure.
Call 1-800-227-5227 customer service ask for a test kit be sent to your doctor call your doctor office and warn them you are sending a blood test
kit from Spectracell takes about a week. Fill the 2 vials provided in the kit with your blood usually the lab will send your blood to Spectracell for you.
The instructions to send your blood is in the kit. Takes about 2 weeks for your results. If you have Medicare they will Pay 80% If you have PPO insurance they will pay 20%. If you have no insurance the cost is around $400. If you go through Medicare ask for vitamin B6, B12, D be listed Medicare for some reason donot pay for these tests so spectracell donot list these will cost $88.00 for these to be listed.

Clinton's Gravatar Clinton
Oct 8, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if I am able to send blood samples from Cape Town South Africa to be tested by Spectracell?

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Oct 18, 2014

Call the 1-800 number provided Just above your post it is toll free and ask them how to send your blood? They service many parts of the world.

Greg B.'s Gravatar Greg B.
Nov 18, 2014


You had your test on 5/20/14.... I'm wondering, with your very healthy lifestyle, what your test results were.

Matt's Gravatar Matt
Feb 20, 2015

Due to extreme fatigue I went to my primary care last winter...tested low B-12 and D (This fall) by my primary care...I asked if they could test for anything else and they said I took the Spectracell test as well and came back this week...low on Copper and Pantothenate...I had been supplementing with B-12 and D prior to taking the test, so those came back in normal ranges, mine would probably have been similar to yours. Are you experiencing any other general health issues that prompted your testing? My primary care ran iron tests to make sure the fatigue wasn't caused by tests came back the opposite...iron levels came back elevated...months later I took a genetic test (for peace of mind) which came back "Affected" for Hemochromatosis.

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Mar 10, 2015

You might have to be treated for Hemochromatosis. There is a therapy
called. Therapeutic Phlebotomy (TP).

Apr 15, 2015

I am now an integrative online medical consultant. I practiced traditional medicine for twenty years and then got sick. The Mayo doctors said I needed a heart/liver transplant or I would die in two years, they were wrong it has now been over 5 years without a transplant! I found my solutions while studying integrative medicine and now I am well enough to help others who are suffering. I personally think everyone should get a micronutrient testing because deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and amino acids is the root cause of many illnesses. Many people are"filling their gas tank with sand" and are wondering why their body is not functioning optimally. Identify how to optimize your health by finding out what your body needs. Randomly taking vitamins is dangerous, I almost died from taking prenatal vitamins and vitamin C!! Everyone should get tested

Anne's Gravatar Anne
Apr 21, 2015

What is the difference between Spectracell and Doctors Data (Packed Red Blood Cells)?? I got both a while back and the results are very different from each other. I don't know which to go by as they both appear to be testing at the cellular level. Help please. ????

Apr 22, 2015

What test would be recommended for an adult male diagnosed with AUTISM? Exhibits 'behaviors". Thank you.

Rob's Gravatar Rob
May 4, 2015

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sharing your results. How is your supplement regime going? Have you noticed any changes in how you feel?

Chris's Gravatar Chris
May 11, 2015

My experience with the SpectraCell micronutrient test is positive.

FWIW, the long story.

I'm a male in my 50s and have been an avid runner for about 15 years averaging about 40 miles a week.

About 2 years ago, after recovering from the flu, when I ran I experienced extreme fatigue in my quadriceps. It felt as though I had already run a marathon. I had no other symptoms. I had various tests, including over $1,000 in blood tests, seeing various specialists including neurologists and no explanation was found.

I was about ready to give up running because it just wasn't fun, it was work to force myself to run every day, and I just couldn't take it much longer. I went to see a sports medicine physician hoping he might have seen something like my symptom before, but he had not. However, he did recommend the micronutrient test as he had seen odd cases in the past that the test had showed deficiencies, and upon resolving those deficiencies, the patients showed improvement.

So I took the test and it came back showing I was deficient in four nutrients and borderline deficient in another eight. I started my repletion immediately, and in about 2 or 3 months my symptom has disappeared. I've been enjoying my running now for about 4 months now, and am training for a half marathon. I am a happy camper.


Matt's Gravatar Matt
May 13, 2015

Thanks for the reply Steve....Actually I am being treated with bloodletting and also vitamin supplements. From what I've read, the increased iron absorption messes with other B vitamins and Vitamin D. Didn't want to hijack this thread, but Dan's results just looked eerily similar to mine...To be low on Copper and Pantothenate (B-5) is somewhat rarer from what the report said since they are found in most foods. I was just wondering if my condition may be messing with these other vitamins or not and give Dan a heads-up and follow-up on what he found out on his deficiencies.

Eddie's Gravatar Eddie
May 29, 2015

I am going to order the Micronutrient Test today. Hopefully it will help me get my health back. Regards.

Armando Lopez's Gravatar Armando Lopez
Jun 9, 2015

Hi Daniel,

I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to share this information with other people. There are so many people out there looking for answers like these and this helps a lot. I would like to know if you have taken your 2nd test and what changes have you seen and felt ? Thanks

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Jul 13, 2015

What did you find out from the test result?

Oct 26, 2015

Has anyone been advised to use essential oils to help with their deficiencies

Oct 31, 2015

I deal with complex wound and healing issues and have written several (#1) books on Amazon and iBooks. Looks like to me your fatigue and low B12 and pantothenate and copper that you probably have MTHFR -- possibly compound heterozygous MTHFR. You should get the MTHFR test that SPectracell offers. And look for my books on Amazon -- one recent bestseller was about just this.

Anton's Gravatar Anton
Nov 2, 2015

Thanks for sharing all this. After reading 4 hour work week and your blog, I called Spectracell and got my testing done. Came back I was deficient in Vitamin D, B12, Folate and Magnesium. I totally feel more energetic now that I have supplemented for the past 6 months. I came across a custom formula that makes vitamins according to your micronutrient testing (or health quiz),, and ordered there. They are a new company and I had the first month free, so maybe you guys can get this as well.

Beatriz's Gravatar Beatriz
Nov 10, 2015

I have been feeling extremely sleepy and fatigued for years. I have had numerous tests which have all been negative. I am debating weather I should have it done or its bs. I had a sleep study done which came normal. Now I'm having a different test to r/o narcolepsy. My ob/Gyn recommended it so in wondering if I should have it done.

Kurt Miller, D.C.'s Gravatar Kurt Miller, D.C.
Feb 8, 2016

First, let me acknowledge that I am a Chiropractor. Second, I am also a client of SpectraCell as well as a referring doctor. Fifty percent of American's suffer needlessly from at least one chronic disease, and over 75% of healthcare cost go towards the management of that disease. With those costs in mind, why don't insurance companies cover the costs of basic micronutrient testing. They utilize the term "Investigational", meaning it is unproven. Pure nonsense. The real answer is the pharmaceutical industry doesn't make money off of your if you're healthy. Early diagnosis means more money in treating you. Now you're thinking this is some quack of a Chiropractor talking, right? Wrong. I have seen it forst hand in working with medical doctors in my career. Medical doctor's are not schooled in nutrition, unless by their choice. My personal story, two yeas ago I was not feeling like my normal high energy self. I wasn't able to keep up with my normal pace of running and cycling. A new patient of mine turned me onto SpectraCell. After speaking with the local SpectraCell representaive, I decided I wanted to try it out first hand. Two weeks later I received my test results and had 6 nutritional deficiencies. Even after taking what I thought were good quality vitamins. Today's poor diet of low quality food has alot to do with the increase in disease we as American's are chronically suffering from each day. Inflammation is the silent killer, and it's not easy to eat healthy. Many of the foods we eat are highly processed and only God know what pesticides are used on them to get those foods to the market as fast as possible. If you think the FDA and the government are protecting you, I would suggest you stop reading and keep eating what your eating. Good health doesn't come in a pill! But knowing your family history of disease, and getting your nutritional profile completed will help you reduce your amount of dis-ease. Get a base line nutritional value assessment. Knowledge is power!

Anton's Gravatar Anton
Feb 17, 2016

Just an FYI, has been changed to VitaminLab and this is where I get my custom formula now!

Berit's Gravatar Berit
Mar 14, 2016

Hi Daniele,

Did you end up paying everything yourself or were you able to recover some of that from your insurance? I pay such high premiums I just can't see myself paying separately for these tests. I need to have it done but want to make sure I can have at least some of the cost covered by insurance.
Thanks you!

Leah's Gravatar Leah
Apr 25, 2016

Hi All,
Thanks for sharing your experience!

Hi Anton,
Thanks for the info!

Jason's Gravatar Jason
May 20, 2016

do anyone know any test centre or lab that analysis harmful content like heavy metal or chlorine count in our body in addition to the micro nutrient count? thank you very much

Michelle's Gravatar Michelle
May 25, 2016

What has anyone been taking to deal with these deficiencies? What types of supplements, etc are actually most effective in correcting this??

Linda's Gravatar Linda
May 31, 2016

I had this done a couple of years ago when I almost died and nobody could figure out why. I was depleted of all B's except B-12 and 4 of the antioxidants. Since taking the recommended supplements, I have improved drastically. In the mean time, I had my genetic test done by and translated by and have found out that I have multiple CBS mutations and because of them, the initial nutrients were depleted. I now fight to keep my health as the CBS mutation is very hard to manage. If the doctor who ordered the test had understood genetics, they would have been able to identify the CBS mutation based on which nutrients they saw depleted. Nonetheless, I was able to figure out the puzzle (thanks to God and Spectracell) and now I am able to keep on top of vitamin depletions. I do plan on having it rerun at some time in the future.

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Jun 26, 2016

This is what I think happen to me. Spectracell is the only test I
know of that can catch this because it tests at cellular level.

Trina's Gravatar Trina
Jul 19, 2016

My daughter had suddenly (now almost two years ago) developed an allergy to gluten, dairy, and egg. She had the allergy test done and we eliminated those from her diet. We've been seeing a dietician recently as well as a naturopathic doctor. They've recommended the micronutrient testing and possibly look to see if she may be able to reintroduce and tolerate those foods again. Has anyone had any luck regarding food allergies after finding the results from this test and fixing the deficiencies? Thank you!

Alicia's Gravatar Alicia
Aug 23, 2016

Daniel, shots are NOT an illusion. I was taking b12 supplements my whole life and turns out I wasn't absorbing any of it because of a disease I have. Simple injections twice a week, everyone says I don't look like a corpse anymore. I don't feel like one either.

Nala's Gravatar Nala
Aug 31, 2016

For approximately 18 years, I've been treated with Synthroid for hypothyroidism. I kept saying to my doctors, I still had symptoms. I begged my endocrinologist to put me on natural thyroid medication or give me T3. When he did, I started feeling much better. Except, I was still dealing with chronic fatigue.

Standard blood tests showed that I had LOTS of B12, I was way outside the high end of the range. Yet, no doctor was ever concerned by this, as I was taking B12. They should have been measuring methylmalonic acid and homocysteine.

My primary was going through the list of standard treatments for chronic fatigue - lose weight - something I struggle with greatly. It is very difficult for me to lose weight, even on a medication for weight loss.

Maybe it's my persistent runny/stuffy nose and post nasal drip indicating an allergy or underlying infection. Extensive testing, no airborne allergy, no infection and no sinus deformity. The allergist/immunologist said I had Chemical Sensitivity or a metabolism issue.

After scouring the internet, I found Chemical Sensitivity is related to a metabolic issue. It comes from the bodies inability to detoxify. One thing led to another and I found information about methylation pathways and also extensive information on how standard Synthroid treatment is NOT sufficient for many with hypothyroidism. My inability to convert T4 to T3 may be an underlying genetic polymorphism. This could also be why I can't lose weight. Or, both of these could be related to a deficiency.

Based on what I've read, I switched from synthetic B12 (cyanocobalamin) to methyl B12 plus added Vitamin E, Omega 3s and NAC. I've started to have more energy! The dark circles under my eyes are going away & my nose has cleared up. I haven't had micronutrient testing done, yet. It's something I plan on doing to see if there are supplements I'm taking that I can eliminate, or if there are others that I should add.

Eddie's Gravatar Eddie
Nov 21, 2016

FWIW, I had a micronutrient test done last year and it was spot on in regards to how I feel and what supplements I am deficient in. Boy did a have some deficiencies and borderline d's. Thanks

Ashley Thomas's Gravatar Ashley Thomas
Dec 4, 2016

I am having a very rough time withdrawing from an antidepressant I was on for 15 yrs. Was wondering if this testing could help me. I am having miserable symptoms. Any thoughts?

Dec 9, 2016

Just to clarify the test is $190 when ordered through a doctor. The test is about half as expensive for Medicare patients. When ordered without a doctor the test is closer to $400. I personally charge a $50 consultation fee, which brings the grand total to $240 for my patients. While you can order the test without a doctor, I would strongly recommend having your results reviewed by a trained medical professional.

Ashley, the results take about three weeks to come in and nutrient deficiencies take around six to eight months to correct. If you have not done so already, please see consult the physician who prescribed you the antidepressants and inform him/her of your withdraw symptoms you are having. While a functional micronutrient test will not be a quick fix for the issues you are having, long term medication use is a major cause of vitamin and mineral deficiencies so having your levels assessed and corrected can help change your life for the better in the long run.

Dr. Britt

Steve Hamachi's Gravatar Steve Hamachi
Dec 19, 2016

This is why this test is so important for good health. I was
deficient in vitamin B1 for years and did not know it until
it was to late.

micheline's Gravatar micheline
Dec 23, 2016

I had a test 2 years ago and it was spot on. I wanted to repeat
it and was disappointed with my recent test: it is flawed.
It indicates deficiencies in VitD and b12. They happened to be my strongest vitamins, had them recheck and they were on the high side. Maybe my blood wasn't fresh enough, it took
48hours to reach them. They refuse to admit any mistake and won't refund me. In addition, the company is not customer friendly and disorganized. I would not deal with them again.
I think Genova does a similar test.

Mrs. B's Gravatar Mrs. B
Jan 3, 2017

My insurance covered 100% so calling insurance first could save you $100s! One Dr said she never had an insurance company ever pay for them and had her hand out for $450. One simple call and I proved her wrong.

Lana's Gravatar Lana
Feb 7, 2017

I did not read all the comments but you definitely need to have you MTHFR checked. You have low B6, B12, Folate, and Choline. These nutrients play a role in methylation. You may require methylated forms of certain vitamins. Cyanocobalamin will not cut it. It should be a pretty inexpensive test to run (~$45) and you only run it once in your life. You should also have a homocysteine and CRP drawn. You have a lot of deficiencies that indicate something larger is going on.

Cheryl's Gravatar Cheryl
Mar 19, 2017

I started having micronutrient tests done 1 1/2 years ago - repeat it every 6 months (68 years old). I can't say enough in regards to this type of testing. Without it, I'd be on multiple drugs given to me by my former PCP. For example, B12 deficiencies can cause so many problems, some that can't be reversed if you wait too long. I feel so much better now, although it took a few months for my B12 levels to fall into the adequate zone. I've taken an acid reducing pill for about 10 years, which can have a huge impact on how you absorb vitamins and minerals from your food. I don't know anything about antidepressants but I believe many medications can interfere with nutrient absorption.
I do see a naturopath, who assists me with taking the proper supplements with the most effectiveness.
I wish you the best.

rmart's Gravatar rmart
Jun 5, 2017

Hello, I was wondering if you could show the suggestions the lab gives you. Also, I noticed there is no iron, but do you know if anything on the test indicates iron toxicity/deficiency? Thanks!

Garett's Gravatar Garett
Jul 13, 2017

Have you been tested for a MTHFR Mutation? Your B Vitamin, Biotin and Folate might suggest a mild heterozygous mutation. Just curious as studies suggest that approximately 40% of the population has it and it cause an amplitude of other conditions (like histamine intolerance, Anxiety, depression and ADHD in myself. All of which are gone now.) I am going through this with my family and I am trying to get a spectracell draw site to call me back (Grrrr any lab test now)

Zuzu's Gravatar Zuzu
Sep 6, 2017

After a prolonged illness, I developed very bad anxiety and agoraphobia which lasted years. I took the spectracell test and practically everything I was deficient in (E, folate, zinc, etc.) had side effects of paranoia and/or anxiety. I began supplementing, and it took a few months, but the constant anxiety disappeared 100%, and the agoraphobia is about 90% gone, and both have stayed gone. I reccommend that test to anyone.

Eddie's Gravatar Eddie
Sep 21, 2017


I havent gotten my Micronutrient test done yet. However, I had a Genesight test a few months ago and it said "This individual is homozygous for the T allele of the C677T polymorphism in the MTHFR gene. This genotype is associatedwith significantly reduced folic acid metabolism, significantly decreased serum folate levels, and significantly increasedhomocysteine levels." You mentioned ANXIETY in your comment. I suffer from Panic Disorder and GAD. Was your anxiety resolved by taking supplements? I'm sick of there anti-depressants and benzos