About Me

My site is devoted to one thing: helping you succeed.

I've been involved in SEO and internet marketing since the very early days of Google, circa 2001.

In those days, programmers ruled the online ranks because computer-generated pages of thin content ranked for any relevant search. Content relevance was all that mattered to the algorithms.

I took an early liking to Google because I liked the name and what it meant. My friends and my professors in the computer science department all debated which search engine was the most mighty.

"Google has the most pages indexed, so I use it." I said. "Dogpile searches Google! And you get many other engine results with it!" my compiler design professor replied. He had asked which search engine I was using for my project research.

I'm an engineer at heart, having written tools, applications, and software for companies since 1999. I love architecting systems in my head then dashing off to create them.

Today I've fully integrated my technical masteries with many years of business and marketing experience.

SEO and IM is a greater challenge than software because results are not guaranteed and the debugger (Google's processing of your website) takes days, weeks, or months to send feedback.

A ranking shift up or down can dictate whether a small business hires or fires someone. Helping business owners get the traffic they need is one of my joys. It gets harder every year, but the rewards are also greater as internet marketing spend continues to rise in global market share.

Let's welcome the challenge of charming an algorithm and grow together in finesse and wisdom.

Wishing you success,
Daniel Elmore